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2019   Mural Commission “ paper Air Planes “ Spring View middles school , Huntington Beach , CA

We are One, Parkview Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2018   Painting Commission, Steel Cranes Co. Mr. Bob Kass,Los Angels /Huntington Beach , CA

Translations, Solo Exhibition ,Series Pañuelos, New York City Colombian Consulate Gallery, New York, NY.

Painting Commission, Mr. Alessandro Pirozzi , Pelican Hill, CA


2017  Magic Realism, Art Space Vincennes, Solo Exhibition, Art Space Vincennes, Vincennes, Indian

Commission, triptych and space design for Q3 , Huntington Beach , Ca

Solo Exhibition, Eurika Gallery, Irvine California

2016  Fresco Mural Commission, Salerno, Laguna Beach, CA

Mural Commission, Mr and Mrs Buley , Costa Mesa, CA

2015  Mural Commission, Carson High Steam School, Carson City, CA

Solo Exhibition, Art Space Vincennes, Vincennes, Indiana

Art Commission, Swe Company ,Costa Mesa, CA

Mural Commission, Mare’ Lounge, Laguna Beach, CA

Mural Commission, Tea Aria, Huntington Beach, CA

2014  Mural Commission, Aleassa Cucina, Laguna Beach, CA

Mural Commission, Pirozzi Cucina, Corona del Mar, CA

Mural Commission, Café Caldo, Laguna Beach, CA

2013 “A Passage to Venice”, Solo Exhibition, Caos Art Gallery, Venice Italy

Exhibition & catalog supported by all’ Amarone Vineria. May, 2013

2006  Solo Exhibition, Bluebird Gallery, Whittier, California

2002  Resurgimento, Solo Exhibition Arte­_Klan-Destino Gallery, Bogota, Colombia

2000  Crossings, Solo Exhibition Gjethuset Museum, Denmark

1997  Exotic Painters, Solo Exhibition Gallery One Spacex Galleries, Exeter, England, United Kingdom

Fuego Lento, Fuego Encendido, Exeter & Devon Arts Centre & Museum, Exeter, England, United Kingdom

1996  Tender Solo Exhibition, LAArtcore Little Tokyo Art Gallery, Los Angeles, California


1995  The Scent of Bitter Almonds Always Reminded Him of the Fate of Unrequited Love, MFA Exhibition, Gallery “B”,                         California State University Long Beach, Long Beach, California

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