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Three years ago I completed a body of work based on handkerchiefs and doilies that defines my country of origin, Colombia.  As these paintings evolved each work reduced my calm and added to my extreme state of agitation. Since then peace has evolved in our country and the work has developed deeper roots. The current work is intentionally meant to create an uneasiness and tension that goes with the overall concept of translation and interpretation.


The canvases are intentionally divided in half, juxtaposing baroque elements such as the folded capes contrasted against the subtlety drawn graphite minimalist space below. The work plays with an intentional void signifying peace, which always leaves a vacuum. How did I arrive at this point?  My process is spontaneous and experimental, with most choices evolving instantaneously. As I paint I revisited my past, my love for paint and colour and the long conversations with my Grandpa about his life during the Violencia y Frente Nacional


It is my great honor to have been selected for this exhibition of my work at the New York City Colombian Consulate.

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